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To learn more about AdOn Listings or the entire AdOn Suite product offering, please contact Ingrid Nielsen, Director of Business Development, at 510-235-0002 or via email at AdOnListing at
  AdOn Listings - Increase Revenue Through Contextually Relevant Ad Listings

Leverage the value of your published content by delivering targeted ads aimed at your users on each page of your website. Each ad listing generated is relevant to the specific editorial content presented on the page. Connect advertisers directly with your users while immediately providing access to the products and services they are looking for without having to leave your site to search elsewhere. What better way to increase site value and effectiveness for your users, while effortlessly growing revenue streams for your business?

AdOn Listings is a new product addition to the AdOn Suite by myGeek that delivers precisely targeted and revenue generating ad listings through the use of contextual analysis of published site content. Every listing is uniquely contextualized on a page-by-page basis to ensure that each ad that appears is relevant and useful to your website visitors. The dynamic nature of the contextual process transcends beyond relevancy as AdOn Listings works to understand the content of the page in order to anticipate and deliver listing results based on the consumer’s potential interest. AdOn Listings turns your editorial content into the ideal platform to match advertisers with consumers, while generating greater revenue for your business.

Implementation of AdOn Listings requires minimal effort and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can utilize AdOn Listings to compliment other AdOn Suite products, by enhancing a page already displaying AdOn Text or by converting your users into actively selling advertisers through the use of AdOn Direct. Take the first step in realizing the true value of your website’s content and begin maximizing your revenue potential and providing your users with unequaled value through AdOn Listings.

  • Increased Revenue - Create greater revenue opportunity from already existing content located throughout your site. Display contextually targeted ad listings aimed at connecting advertisers and your users, while expanding your revenue opportunities.
  • Relevant Listings - Contextual technology powers AdOn Listings’ ability to deliver page-specific ad listings featuring relevant product and service information to users within the published listings of the web page. Relevant ad listings will ultimately result in greater value and higher click through rates.
  • Increased Efficacy - Providing your users with a platform to connect with advertisers that sell the products or services featured within the published content of your site will increase consumer loyalty by creating an invaluable experience that will keep them coming back to your site again and again.
  • Effortless Implementation - No extra time, money or resources are needed to get AdOn Listings up and running. Simple placement of code on your web pages will allow you to immediately begin displaying results.

To learn more about AdOn Listings or the entire AdOn Suite product offering, please contact Ingrid Nielsen, Director of Business Development, at 510-235-0002 or via email at AdOnListing at

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" provided a solid tool that allows us to create accounts for advertisers and distribute them across multiple sites. Now we can offer our advertisers the value of not just advertising on our site, but through an entire network as well."

- Infosonar

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