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Paid Search Experts in Providing Solutions aimed at Search Revenue Maximization

Established in 1999, is a venture-backed provider of cost-per-click search solutions. Focused on providing clients with the competitive advantage necessary to survive and thrive in today’s chaotic search environment. myGeek provides ASP solutions to companies looking to increase their search revenue and take advantage of the continual growth in online advertising and commerce.

myGeek has maintained its focus successfully in two distinct areas. First, developing and optimizing the ability for Search Sites, Publishers, Agencies and Ad Networks to acquire, create, manage and distribute advertiser accounts through their own site. myGeek handles the entire keyword management process from beginning to end, allowing our clients to concentrate their effort on marketing and advertiser acquisition. myGeek’s partnerships with some of the Internets leading search properties collectively compose the AdOn Network, another way to provide these clients and their advertisers increased value, exposure and revenue generating opportunity.

Secondly, adding value and affordable advertising alternatives for Advertisers looking to gain exposure to quality search traffic through traditional search properties and Toolbar/Address Bar search application providers, myGeek offers an account management system that is robust in features and easy to use. By making available to advertisers some of the most popular tools found on the Internet today, along with some new and quite effective tools to help advertisers better achieve their advertising objectives.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our products and services. For more information on how to contact myGeek, visit our Contact Us section. If you’d like to contact our Business Development Team directly, send an email to bizdev at

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