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myGeek, home of AdOn Network, focuses on creating lasting partnerships with our advertisers and clients. Our goal is to provide an advertising network that delivers exceptional and sustainable results. Whether you are an advertiser, search site or publisher, myGeek offers quality solutions to maximize your revenues.

Contact myGeek today to find out how AdOn Network can help you accomplish your online advertising objectives:

Advertisers: [email protected]

Publishers & Search Sites: [email protected]

"myGeek provides a solid management tool that allows us to create accounts for advertisers and distribute them across multiple sites. Now we can offer our advertisers the value of not just advertising on our site, but through an entire network as well."

- Infosonar


“myGeek's AdOn Direct advertiser account management solution saved us from the development time, customer service costs and accounting headaches that we would have dealt with creating our own solution from scratch. They provided a great value for our advertisers and us.”

- SearchHippo


“We wanted to start signing up our own advertiser accounts through our site and myGeek provided a solution that took care of everything. It was ready to use and we were able sign up advertisers immediately. Instead of the expense, headache and engineering time setting up our own customer acquisition and management solution, was able to provide us a turn key solution co-branded to meet our needs in a tenth of the time it would have taken us to develop our own solution.”

- XAO Search


"We weren't sure if we wanted to get into the business of creating our own advertiser accounts. But, myGeek approached us with a solution that made it almost effortless to get started. We no longer have to send advertisers away when they ask us how to get listed on our site."


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