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  How Can You Benefit from AdOn Direct?

  • Increase Revenue
  • Client branded keyword account manager - There is no need to wait! Register and set-up AdOn Direct today and have it ready within minutes to begin generating your own advertiser accounts and increasing your revenue.
  • ASP model - myGeek fully manages the process for you. There‚Äôs no software for you to worry about. We do it all for you.
    • Infrastructure and hosting
    • Customer service and support
    • Receivables management
  • Advertiser account generation and maintenance
    • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Increase brand loyalty and stickiness

  Features and Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Fully automated client registration
  • Exact-Match keyword system
  • Broad-Match keyword system
    • Increased keyword coverage
  • Robust account maintenance tools
    • Bid Manager/Power Bid Manager
    • Bulk upload
    • Daily spending cap
    • Geo-targeting
    • Competitor block
    • Add logo
  • Real-time bid processing
  • Traffic Source selection New Feature
  • Traffic estimation capability (Daily & Weekly)
  • Traffic reporting by:
    • Keyword
    • Search partner
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“myGeek's AdOn Direct advertiser account management solution saved us from the development time, customer service costs and accounting headaches that we would have dealt with creating our own solution from scratch. They provided a great value for our advertisers and us.”

- SearchHippo

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