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If you would like to speak to someone on our Business Development Team, please contact [email protected]
  Looking to increase traffic to your website?
  Interested in finding a way to further brand your site to your users?
  Want to create stickiness to your web site?

myGeek has developed an ideal solution to help sites increase traffic, branding and stickiness; the Private Labeled Toolbar. A simple utility that sits directly on the browser, your users can download the toolbar directly from your web site or through various promotional campaigns you oversee. Give your users the unique ability to use your branded toolbar to conduct a search from anywhere on the Internet


- Branded with your Logo

- Search the Web from any Web page.

- Use the Highlight Viewer to quickly locate your keywords.

- Get rid of pop-up ads with the Pop-up Be Gone

- Filter Adult Content with the Adult Content Block

And more…

The Private Labeled Toolbar is fully customizable. The toolbar's pull-down menu takes you to the toolbar options page, where you can easily set your preferences for the toolbar. Click the checkbox next to an option/feature to turn it on or off, allowing the user to easily change the layout of their toolbar to meet their needs.

If this solution is just what you have been looking for, please contact our business development team at [email protected] to get more information and take the first step toward having your own toolbar.

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