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To learn more about AdOn Direct or the entire AdOn Suite product offering, please email at AdOnListing at
  AdOn Direct is a one-stop client branded ASP solution for creating and maintaining cost-per-click(CPC) and cost-per-view (CPV) keyword accounts.

When advertisers approach you inquiring about how they can create an account for your Search Site or Ad Network, what do you do? Do you have a solution to meet their request or do you send them to a partner that will sign them up and feed their account back to you at a lower rate?

Simply having a web site is not enough; it is essential in today’s market to have an Internet Strategy focused at adding value to your business, while increasing your bottom line. myGeek is continually focused on strategically partnering with Search Engines, Publishers, Agencies and Ad Networks to achieve this goal.

So is AdOn Direct the solution for you?

Search Engines
  • Do you receive requests from advertisers on how to list their site in your search results?
  • If so, do you simply point them to other sites in order to accomplish this?
  • Why not offer them the ability to create an account on your service and take the additional revenues you deserve?

Publishers/Agencies/ Ad Networks

  • Do you have access to advertisers interested in driving qualified leads to their website from some of the Internet’s top search engines?
  • Do you currently maintain and develop keyword accounts on your clients behalf?
  • If so, why not increase your revenues by listing them on your own system?

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Billions of dollars are being spent each year by advertisers seeking exposure in an industry that is growing at an unbelievable rate. myGeek provides a solution with the tools and support to let you take a proactive step in acquiring your own advertiser accounts and generating more revenue. Getting started is easy, with a simple Registration and Set-up, AdOn Direct can be ready for you to start using today!

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" provided a solid tool that allows us to create accounts for advertisers and distribute them across multiple sites. Now we can offer our advertisers the value of not just advertising on our site, but through an entire network as well."

- Infosonar

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