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List your site on one of the web's fastest growing paid search networks. Gain access to quality traffic generated by millions of users viewing your listing through a Search Sites, Toolbar/Address Bar Search, and Cost-Per-View (CPV) Distribution.

The AdOn Network is designed to bring advertisers great exposure at a reasonable bid price. It takes only moments to get your account created, so register to become an AdOn Advertiser today!

Quality - Partners in the AdOn Network are in control of their sources of search traffic, no affiliate programs are permitted.
Selection - Advertisers benefit from the unique ability to select where their sources of traffic, a first in the Internet search industry.
Reach - Growing network of over 30 million unique users and 1 billion searches monthly.
Cost-Per-View (CPV)

Cost-Per-View (CPV) provides the advertiser with a unique and effective method of promoting their website through a new window that is generated when a consumer is viewing a website that is contextually relevant to a keyword selected by the advertiser. This new and distinctive way to deliver traffic to your site increases value to you, by bypassing a cluttered page of competitor result listings and taking the user directly to your web site featuring exactly what it is they were searching for.

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'I am very happy with the quality of the service and the clicks generated by the AdOn Network. I am currently seeing close to a 15% conversion rate right now and I am going to be looking for other products and services to promote on the network.

Alex Benyukhis