Traffic Categories

  • Conversion Traffic
    If your PPC search engine advertising efforts are focused on direct response such as lead generation, registration, email submits or sales, you can access AdOn Network's conversion traffic. On our platform and traffic sources are continuously tested for performance, categorized and optimized, and segmented to meet your conversion metrics.

  • TQ Traffic
    Want higher TQ traffic? AdOn Network's comprehensive approach to analyzing traffic quality includes continuous in-house testing, predictive , third party scoring systems such as Adometry and Fraudlogix, and advertiser feedback allows AdOn to produce traffic that consistently scores high on traffic quality.

  • Site Metrics
    AdOn can help you increase your monthly unique visits, pages per visitor, time on site or other key areas that are critical for your site.

  • Video Preview
    If you want to increase users viewing online videos, AdOn's Video Preview Traffic delivers. This traffic has been optimized and specifically segmented to deliver users from traffic sources that have a high propensity for viewing videos.

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