AdOn Safeguard

We adopt strict measures to provide quality traffic and mitigate fraud, malware distribution and keep AdOn's network safe for our advertisers and publishers. The AdOn Safeguard is a quality control measure we apply to:

  • Provide quality traffic
  • Mitigate fraud and malware distribution
  • Defend against malicious, harmful and inappropriate ads.

AdOn Safeguard takes a three pronged approach consisting of:

  • Manual review and verification of each and every ad
  • Automated checks against black listed domains
  • Third-party testing.

Our advertiser representative team goes through a 17-point inspection of each campaign prior to its launch to ensure that every ad is checked for appropriateness. This service complements our ongoing quality methods.

Our internal malware checking continuously checks all ads and traffic sources in the AdOn Network with malware lists such as Google SafeBrowsing to ensure that any malicious activity is immediately detected and stopped before it compromises the network.

Once a harmful ad is detected, we immediately shut down the ad campaign associated with that ad and investigate the advertiser's account to identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action to remove them from the network.