PPC Campaign Management

AdOn lets you choose the type of PPC campaign management that's right for you-either a fully self-service system or a dedicated full-service system provided at no additional cost.

Self-service PPC Campaign Management

AdOn's self-serve account management system gives you full access to all tools and reporting, from setting up the account and uploading ads to selecting your targeting options. Real-time reporting delivers the insight you need to manage and optimize all of your campaigns.

Full-service PPC Advertising Management

A knowledgeable AdOn account representative is dedicated to managing your campaign, from initial strategy and campaign set-up to optimization and growth. Campaign set-up begins with your account representative gaining a complete understanding of your goals and objectives and then tailoring the campaign to your needs. Our PPC advertising management expert reviews the creative and sets the right targeting options, including traffic source setting, geo-setting and keywords.

Once the campaign starts receiving traffic, your account representative works closely with you to optimize the campaign so you reap the greatest return on your investment. AdOn account representatives can call on other experts within the company and access our partner networks at any time to ensure your campaign's success.

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