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Here are our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you need more help, we're always here - you can contact us.

Campaign Management

Account Management


What is a Campaign?
A campaign is the primary component of AdOn Network advertising accounts. Your account may have multiple campaigns. Each campaign may have multiple listings within them. Campaign settings include:

  • Campaign Name / Type (name / Pop-Under, Search)
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Day of Week (Days of week campaign is set to run)
  • Start / End Time (Times of day campaign is set to run)
  • Traffic Tag (Name of the Traffic Tag assigned to campaign)
  • Frequency Cap (1 Per Month to 1 per 5 mins or No Limit. 1 per 25 is default)
  • Targeting Options (Contextual or Post Contextual)
  • Geo Tag (Name of Geo Tag assigned to Campaign)
  • Status (Active or Inactive)
  • Spending Caps (Daily, Monthly and Total)

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What is a Listing?
A Listing is a secondary component within a campaign. There can be multiple Listings in each Campaign. Listings contain the following elements:

Direct Display Listings:

  • Title
  • Ad Type (Landing Page URL, Graphic Image, Rich Media, Graphic Image Redirect)
  • Keywords

PPC Listings:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Landing page URL
  • Click-through URL
  • Keywords

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What are Direct Display Ads?

Direct Display Ads combine the keyword targeting of CPC (Cost-Per-Click) advertising and the cost-effectiveness of CPM (Cost per Thousand) advertising. Direct Display ads are sold on a cost-per-view basis. You only pay when a consumer views your ad or Website!

There are multiple Direct Display ad types to choose from:
  • Landing Page: You provide a URL for your Website or landing page to be displayed in a Pop-Under. A Landing Page ad displays your Website or Landing page in a new browser window. Our technology matches your selected keywords with what the consumer is searching for or viewing and instantly displays your ad or delivers them directly to your Website as a Pop-Under.
  • Graphic Image: You upload a graphic ad to be displayed in a Pop-Under ad window.
  • Graphic Redirect: You provide JavaScript code or similar type of ad code to display your ad in a Pop-Under window.
  • Rich Media: You upload a rich media ad to be displayed in a Pop-Under ad window.
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What are PPC Listing ads?
Commonly referred to as PPC ads or sponsored listings, this type of ad uses text-based hyperlinks rather than images. A text ad includes a title, description and URL. You pay only when a user reaches your landing page.

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How does the Keyword system work?
Direct Display Campaign
The Pop-Under keyword system allows an advertiser to submit and bid on specific keywords. When a consumer's search or browsing activity matches one of the keywords the advertiser bids on, their ad or Website is displayed in a new browser window (Pop-Under). The advertiser is charged each time their ad or Website is displayed. Pop-Under traffic is determined by bid price. If you are in the top 5 bidders for the keyword, your ad or Website will be in the rotation when a consumer searches for that keyword.

PPC Listing Campaign
The PPC Listing Keyword System allows an advertiser to submit and bid on specific keywords.

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What are the Listing guidelines?
  • The word 'free' in conjunction with another word can only be used if the visitor can actually get something free at your Website.
  • The word 'free' as well as superlatives (best, cheapest, greatest etc.) may not be used by themselves.
  • Adult sites are not allowed.
  • Websites promoting the following are strictly prohibited: child pornography, abuse of children, women, men or animals, hate or intolerance against any race/nationality, violence, and criminal activity.
  • Symbols (!$%#) are not allowed. Keywords can have no more than 1 exclamation point. However, common uses of ampersands are acceptable (Barnes&Noble;, etc.).
  • URLs must be functional and lead to an active page. "Under Construction" pages are not considered active pages.
  • You may not disable the 'back button' in the consumer's browser.
  • The maximum length for URLs is 400 characters.
Titles & Descriptions (Search Listing Campaigns Only)
  • Titles and descriptions must be relevant to the Website content.
  • Proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure are required.
  • Phrases may be used as long as they contain proper spelling and capitalization.
  • All caps and excessive symbols are not acceptable.
  • No offensive or inappropriate language will be allowed.
  • The maximum length for titles is 50 characters.
  • The maximum length for descriptions is 250 characters.
Tips for Choosing Keywords & Writing Effective Listings
  • Choosing more generic keywords will help drive traffic. Choosing specific keywords, however, may provide you with the best ROI. For example, use 'computer monitor' not 'computer' if you sell monitors.
  • Use singular versions of keywords as opposed to plural. For example, choose 'cleveland grocery store' over 'cleveland grocery stores'.
  • You can include up to 30,000 keywords, in up to 3,000 listings, within up to 300 campaigns.
  • The best landing pages for your listings are clear, concise and attractive to consumers.
  • The best performing titles and descriptions (Search Listing Ad campaigns only) are concise, factual, and descriptive of the information that the visitor will find when they arrive at your Website. You should include keywords in your titles and descriptions whenever possible.
  • Use a unique call-to-action in your descriptions (PPC Listing Ad campaigns only), for example, 'Order now to save on DVDs' rather than 'order now'.
  • All keywords, except within PPC campaigns, are now 'exact match' keywords. Wildcard characters such as '*' will no longer expand your keyword to match multiple words (i.e. 'discount*' will not match 'discount_televisions' or 'discount_shoes'. You must enter 'discount_televisions' as a specific keyword.). PPC campaigns still allow the broadmatch ability.
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How do I get top position/most traffic for a keyword?

Direct Display Campaigns
Direct Display traffic is provided to the top five bidders for each keyword. For this reason, it is important to have competitive bid prices. To view your bid prices in comparison to other advertisers with the same keywords, we provide an Outbid report. To maintain a top position, it is recommended that you check this report often to make sure you are in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th bidding spot for each keyword.

PPC Listing Campaign
For PPC Listing campaigns, AdOn Network utilizes a bid-for-traffic method. You do not place bids to get the highest position; rather you pay for the maximum amount of website traffic that you desire.

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How many keywords can I bid on?
A maximum of 30,000 keywords can be bid on.

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Do I need to bid on both the plural and singular form of each keyword?
No. Bidding on the singular keyword is recommended.

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How long does it take for bid changes to take place?
Once your account has been approved, it can take up to 15 minutes before your keyword prices changes throughout the entire network.

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How can I change my registration information?
Click on the 'Edit Profile' link in the upper left corner. From this page you can change the registration information about your company, including the phone number, address, and home page URL.

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How do I add more money to my account?
From the Home Page, click on the 'Add Funds' link to add additional funds to your account. You can choose to be on a pre-payment plan (all money is paid upfront) or non-stop plan (additional funds are added as your account runs out).

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How do I change my payment option?
Click on the 'Edit Payment Options' link on the Account Management home page. You will be able to switch your payment option to either the non-stop plan from the pre-payment plan or to the pre-payment plan from the non-stop plan.

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How can I change my password?
Click on the 'Edit Profile' link in the upper left corner. From the Edit Profile page you can click on the 'Edit Password' link to update your password.

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Who is AdOn Network?
This website is a part of the AdOn Network. Your account gives you access to a network of millions of consumers every day. If you need any assistance in managing your account, an AdOn Network representative will be happy to assist you.

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How long does it take before my account is activated?
Account activation typically takes one to two business days from the completion of your registration. After registering and setting up your account, an account representative reviews your listings and the keywords associated with those listings. The goal is to ensure that that your keyword information is relevant to the content found on your site.

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How do I contact AdOn Network?

[email protected]

Snail mail:
AdOn Network
Attn: Advertiser Services
1275 West Washington
Suite 205
Temp, AZ 85281


Please be sure to include your company's name and email address in all correspondence.

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What happens if someone views or clicks on my listing numerous times?
We actively monitor traffic provided to our advertisers, through proprietary automated and manual procedures. Multiple clicks from the same source will not be counted against your account.

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What tools does AdOn Network offer to minimize click fraud?
AdOn Network offers two tools to help fight click fraud.
  • Traffic Source Selection. By utilizing the ROI tracking feature in conjunction with the Traffic Source Selection feature, you have the ability to deactivate traffic sources that are not converting well for you.
  • Competitor Block. The Competitor Block allows you to block access for up to eight Websites to insure that your competitors will not view your ads and increase your advertising costs.

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Do you offer ROI Tracking?
ROI tracking and Reporting are available through the account management system to help track your success and conversion with your advertising efforts. Visit the ROI Tracking page to obtain detailed information on how to implement the ROI Tracking pixel on your success page.

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How do I track views/clicks from my AdOn Network account?
AdOn Network provides your listings quality traffic and gives you access to millions of AdOn Network consumers every day.

In order to properly track the consumers coming from our network, we recommend that you change the URL that you submit to AdOn Network.

Click on a Listing link within a Campaign to edit the URL(s) to add the tracking code. This will allow you to more accurately count the amount of traffic you receive from AdOn Network.

There are two different ways to set up your Tracking URLs. Below are a few simple instructions that will allow you to more easily track the traffic you receive from us. After creating your Tracking URL, we highly recommend testing each one to verify that it is linking properly.

Option 1
To change a URL such as to a Tracking URL, add "?source=AdOn Network " to the end. The URL will look like this: Network

Here's another example:
To: Network

If you find that a Tracking URL is not linking properly, you might want to eliminate the forward slash after the domain.

EXAMPLE: Network could also be written as Network.

Remember - it is important to test this functionality to ensure consumers can properly access your site.

Option 2
If the URL already has a question mark in it, you will have to add "&source;=AdOn Network " to the end.

To:;=AdOn Network

If the URL has a # sign, the "?source=AdOn Network " will need to be inserted before the # sign.

To: Network#jewelry

Once you've converted the URL in your listings to a Tracking URL, you should be able to look for "source=AdOn Network " in your access logs. It should appear once for every click through on one of your AdOn Network search results.
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