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AdOn Direct is a solution that gives search sites the tools and support to take a proactive role in creating advertiser accounts and then distributing these acquired advertisers throughout the AdOn Network. Providing advertisers the increased value they are looking for and new revenue potential for the search site. Take the first step in creating your own advertiser accounts, register and set-up AdOn Direct today!

  Include the AdOn Network XML Feed on Your Site

Search sites that have access to and are in control of good quality search traffic can qualify to be approved to receive the AdOn Network XML Feed. Composed of the advertisers you create, as well as those created by partners throughout the network, the AdOn Network XML Feed maintains a strong and healthy average cost-per-click bid price.

To ensure we continue provide advertisers with quality search traffic that converts into sales, each site interested in displaying the network feed must have their site and traffic sources approved. Please click on the link below to fill out the Site Integration Form or contact us at bizdev at to see if your site is eligible.

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