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myGeek offers traditional and interactive advertising agencies and marketing firms the ability to broaden or build Internet exposure for their clients. Our AdOn Network provides your clients with increased online traffic and easy integration into the network through AdOn Direct branded account management system.

  Value of AdOn Direct for Agencies/Marketing Firms:

Quality Search Traffic - Creating and manage accounts through AdOn Direct to promote your clients throughout the AdOn Network. The AdOn Network gives your clients access to quality search traffic that converts into sales! Make sure that your clients are getting the quality of traffic they are searching for a reasonable price.
More Revenue - Save time and money by no longer having to worry about manually creating invoices for your clients, AdOn Direct automates this entire process for you. You simply focus on selecting the mark-up percentage you would like to receive on the traffic and let myGeek handle the rest!
Branded Solution - You can submit your clients to the AdOn Network through your own branded AdOn Direct account management page.
Flexibility - Have a link off your site to allow your clients to create their own account or use AdOn Direct to create them yourself.
Manage and Maintain - Use the AdOn Direct administration system to monitor your clients activity on the network.

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