Search: AdOn Network XML Data Feed Results
The AdOn Network XML Data Feed for myGeek partners is queried via the HTTP/1.1 protocol. The XML Data Feed results are returned based on parameters sent along with the HTTP request. The following table describes the parameters and their default values.
Partner Identification partnerid Required* Partner Id provided by myGeek. Required for proper credit to your account
Total Results totalresults 3 Total Number of Results
Page Index pageindex 1 Results on Page Number
Page Size pagesize 10 Number of results returned per page (up to 20)
Result Index resultindex 1 Start showing results from this result number. Overrides any value specified in pageindex
Query query Required* Query can be single keyword or list of keywords sperated by comma "," or "%20"
Adult Content Filter adultfilter OFF OFF - return results with or without adult content.
ON - return results without adult content.
Emphasize Terms (Bold) emp OFF ON - bolds query/keyword wherever it occur inside title and description.
OFF - title/description returned as entered by Advertiser without bolding terms
IP Address ip Required* ip of client querying the results.
* No default - Required by
The XML feed returns the parameter(s) sent along with results. The parameters are then returned as attributes of Element Node "Parameters". The attribute "total results" indicates the total number of results returned by the query.

Each Element Node "Record " is a result returned by the query and has the following attributes

  • link: the href for the link that redirects to the advertiser URL after tracking partner info
  • title: the company name or title
  • description: the description
  • rank: the rank or position in which the partner should display the results
  • bidprice: cost of clicking on the link to the advertiser
  • advertiserurl: the advertiser URL (does not contain any tracking information)
  • originid: Identifies the AdOn partner where the advertiser signed into the AdOn Network. The partners may use this information to reorder the results to provide higher ranking for their advertisers.

Test Requests:

Test Partner Id = 97999 (test ID is for testing purposes only and will not count toward your revenue generation, please use the Partner ID provided to you by a myGeek representative)
clientIp = Ip address of the customer/client

The following query returns results for "testing". The result starts at result no 1 and display the top 3 results.

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