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AdOn Network Adds New Sybase Analytic Appliance To Query Traffic More Efficiently

Database Management System Allows Publishers to Maximize Ad Revenue and Advertisers to Have More Timely, Targeted Promotions

PHOENIX - August 6, 2008 - AdOn Network, a leader in providing innovative keyword-targeted advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers, has unveiled the launch of the Sybase Analytic Appliance, an integrated Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution. AdOn Network CEO Steve Armstrong and Chief Technical Officer Bhaskar Ballapragada made the announcement today.

"The Sybase Analytic Appliance will allow us to query substantially more traffic from multiple forms of advertising, allowing our publishers to maximize their advertising revenue, and our advertisers more effective campaigns through contextual, demographic and geo-targeting," Ballapragada says.

A key reason AdOn Network chose Sybase is for its column-based database design, which allows the delivery of query responses faster at significantly lower storage and administration costs than other available alternatives it studied. The system streamlines several commercial components into a single bundle with all the necessary components, combining leading technologies from Sybase, IBM and MicroStrategy.

Other factors include Sybase’s capacity to continuously load a large volume of data immediately available for real-time queries and its overall cost effectiveness.

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AdOn Network, founded in 1999, is one of the largest contextual and behavioral advertising networks online, providing innovative solutions to more than 1,000 national and international advertisers and publishers. Based in Phoenix, Az., AdOn Network ranked 72nd on Entrepreneur Magazine's "Hot 500" list of 2007's fastest-growing companies in America. AdOn Network is a PV Media Group ( company.










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