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Our Geek Roots
    On August 15, 2006, myGeek changed its name to AdOn Network. The decision to say goodbye to all that is Geek was difficult but necessary as the company has changed significantly since its inception in 1999.

Gone are the days of the myGeek online shopping service where our Geeks helped shoppers find the best deals on consumer products. As the company's business evolved into a premier online advertising network, and we had answered the question "don't you guys fix computers?" for the thousandth time, it became clear that the Geek had to go.

So it is with fond memories that we bid farewell to our Geek roots and move forward as AdOn Network, one of the largest keyword-targeted ad networks online. As we close the chapter on the myGeek name, we would like to leave you with a list of the good, the bad and the ugly that was myGeek:

The Good
  • Everyone loves Geeks and would like to become one deep down
  • As self-proclaimed Geeks we could proudly walk into a theater to watch a Lord of the Rings movie without having to explain ourselves the next day at the office
  • myGeek pocket protectors are always a big hit at trade shows
  • Cult following of our unofficial mascot, Geekman
The Bad
  • Having to start every conversation with "We don't fix computers", or "We don't drive black and orange VW Bugs."
  • The cool-factor of the horn-rimmed glasses never really translated well outside of the office
  • The fine line between Geek and Nerd was never clearly defined and lead to some awkward and uncomfortable incidents at the workplace
  • It was extremely difficult to poke fun of the people in our IT department because in our attempts to drag down the actual Geeks, we realized that we were only hurting ourselves
The Ugly
(Figuratively speaking of course - no one can look good in horn-rimmed glasses & a dunce cap)

The original myGeek
gang in 1999

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