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myGeek Introduces New Ad Model

myGeek to offer Cost-Per-View Text advertising option
to advertisers

PHOENIX - January 19, 2006 - myGeek (, one of the largest keyword-targeted, site-specific advertising networks online, today introduced the launch of Cost-Per-View Text (CPV Text) advertising. Cost-Per-View (CPV) is keyword-based advertising that is purchased on a 'per-view' or impression basis. CPV Text is keyword-targeted, text-based advertising that can be displayed in a variety of existing ad locations and formats on a publisher's website. CPV Text allows the advertiser to control where their ads appear, even down to the individual page if they choose, based on the keywords that they bid on.

myGeek now offers advertisers three different types of online advertising solutions; Cost-Per-View Text, standard Cost-Per-View and Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

CPV Text combines key elements from CPC and CPM advertising formats as well as its own unique site-specific placement feature. CPV Text features the keyword-targeting, auction-based pricing and text format of CPC adverting along with the premium ad locations and cost-effectiveness of impression-based CPM ads. CPV Text ads can be formatted and displayed in any size ad space available on a publisher's website including banners and skyscrapers.

"When we launched the CPV advertising format in early 2005, the results were extremely positive from both an advertiser and publisher standpoint," said Chad Little, CEO of myGeek. "CPV Text builds on that success and opens up an entirely new avenue of opportunity for our advertisers and network partners. For our advertisers, CPV Text offers premium placement that was not previously available through our network. It also allows them to take advantage of CPM pricing without sacrificing the effectiveness of text-based adverting."

Standard features for all three advertising solutions include:

Campaign Performance and Click Fraud Prevention Tools:
  • Traffic Source Selection
  • ROI Tracking by traffic source and keyword
  • Competitor Block
Campaign and Account Management Tools:
  • Daily start and end times for each campaign
  • Daily, Monthly and Overall spending caps
  • Detailed reporting

myGeek is one of the largest Keyword-Targeted, Site-Specific Adverting Networks online, providing quality traffic to Advertisers on a Cost-Per-View (CPV) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis. myGeek also provides innovative solutions that maximize revenues for Publishers and Agencies. myGeek's advertising solutions include AdOn Network and AdOn Direct. AdOn Network delivers quality search and Internet traffic to Advertisers from over 3 billion searches and 55 million users each month. AdOn Direct is a one-stop, client-branded ASP solution which allows Publishers and Agencies the ability to maximize their advertising revenues by creating and maintaining their own CPV and CPC advertiser accounts. Founded in 1999, myGeek is a venture-backed company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit








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