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AdOn Network Launches New Service, AdOn Safeguard, to Aid in Fight Against Malicious Ad Tactics

Improved fraud prevention tools protect publishers and website visitors from potentially harmful ads

PHOENIX - May 20, 2008 - AdOn Network (, a leader in providing innovative keyword-targeted advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers, today announced the launch of an additional fraud detection service, AdOn Safeguard, designed to assist in the ongoing efforts to detect and prevent the appearance of malicious and inappropriate ads within the network.

The AdOn Safeguard service is an enhancement to AdOn Network’s existing fraud-prevention methods that include both automated and manual detection processes. AdOn Safeguard focuses on detecting malicious ads in three primary forms: Malware, ActiveX and Exit Pops.

"AdOn Network is committed to providing a network environment that protects our publishers and their end-users from the threat of malicious and inappropriate ads that seek to do damage throughout our entire industry," said Steve Armstrong, President of AdOn Network. "The AdOn Safeguard service is an important technology solution that complements the work of our dedicated staff as we continue to strengthen our line of defense against these types of ads.

"As the sophistication level of the people looking to deploy harmful ads increases, it is our responsibility to develop and implement new tools and methods to detect and eliminate them from our network."

The AdOn Safeguard service uses a proprietary technology solution to review the contents of ads that are hosted on external ad servers outside of the AdOn Network environment. AdOn Safeguard can detect Malware (software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system), ActiveX (or other executable software downloads) and Exit Pops (the launch of a secondary ad or browser window when the user leaves a website).

Once a harmful ad is detected, the system automatically shuts down the ad campaign associated with that ad and alerts an AdOn Network account representative. The account representative then begins a thorough investigation into that advertiser’s account to identify the source of the problem and will take appropriate action to remove them from the network.

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AdOn Network, founded in 1999, is one of the largest contextual and behavioral advertising networks online, providing innovative solutions to more than 1,000 national and international advertisers and publishers. Based in Phoenix, Az., AdOn Network ranked 72nd on Entrepreneur Magazine's "Hot 500" list of 2007's fastest-growing companies in America. AdOn Network is a PV Media Group ( company.










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