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myGeek Announces Winners

myGeek Declares Clear-cut Winner in Annual
Paintball Competition

PHOENIX - April 1, 2005 - myGeek, home of bruised yet resilient employees, today announced the paintball team lead by Steve “Sniper” Armstrong, VP of Operations & Finance at myGeek, soundly defeated last year’s championship team, directed by Chad Little, CEO of myGeek.

“It was a hard-fought, but well-deserved victory,” said Armstrong. “We had to defend our Geek pride following a difficult loss last year, and I am proud of the effort my team gave. After a year of listing to Chad’s incessant taunting, we had to dig deep and do whatever we had to in order to secure the victory.”

As the teams battled to claim the last man standing, the key turning point appeared to be the barrage of direct hits targeting Little and one of his key team members, Chris “Hollywood” Alford.

“We had some key losses early,” said Little. “One of our team members, who I won’t name, [Paul] defected to the other side and that really tipped the balance in their favor. We won’t hang our heads in defeat though. We were able to land some good shots before we went down & I know that welt on Mike’s posterior will be with him for a while.”

Before the players from each team where able to wash off their battle scars and nurse their injuries, they were already looking forward to the 2006 Geek Paintball Challenge.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Geek, contact myGeek at [email protected] (body armor not required).

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