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myGeek Launches Cost-Per-View Advertising

Cost-Per-View (CPV) Advertising Offers the Best of

PHOENIX - November 15, 2004 -, a leading provider of paid search solutions, today announced the launch cost-per-view (CPV) advertising. CPV is an innovative and revolutionary approach to paid search advertising offering unique benefits for both advertisers and publishers.

CPV provides the advertiser with a unique and effective method of promoting their web site through a new browser window that is generated when a consumer is searching for a keyword or topic, or viewing a web site that is contextually relevant to a keyword or URL selected by the advertiser. CPV traffic is generated from quality Search and Internet traffic.

This new and distinctive way to deliver traffic directly to the advertiser?s site increases the value by bypassing a cluttered page of competitor result listings and taking the potential customer directly to their website featuring exactly what the consumer is searching for. Advertisers can register and manage their CPV accounts from myGeek?s web site.

CPV also offers new and innovative revenue streams for web site publishers and software application providers. Search and park domain sites can take advantage of the quick and easy implementation myGeek offers to add CPV as an incremental revenue source that compliments their existing Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising.

"With the launch of CPV technology and the AdOn Network, myGeek has solidified its position on the leading edge of the paid search industry," said Chad Little, CEO of myGeek. "Continuing the evolution in paid search and online advertising, CPV offers the next generation of ad technology combining the best of the Cost-per-thousand (CPM) and CPC. With CPV, advertisers benefit from the keyword targeting of CPC along with the lower cost of the CPM model. The result is access to a very targeted consumer when they are most interested in the advertiser?s product or service, and at a fraction of the cost of CPC. Keyword and URL bid prices range from $.01-$.10 and the consumer is taken to the advertiser?s web site every time. The ultimate benefit for the advertiser is a substantially lower cost of acquisition and a better ROI."

"When the original online advertising model was introduced, it was based on a traditional media-buying standard. CPM offered a large block of ads that were distributed across a collection of often-unrelated pages and web sites," said Little. "CPC completely changed the market by providing advertisers and marketers the ability to use keyword-targeting to reach specific consumers that were already expressing interest in their product or service. The power to bid on search keywords has proven to be the most effective use of the web as a direct marketing and advertising medium. With the launch of CPV, we have improved upon those existing models to provide advertisers and publishers an innovative and effective tool which will improve their bottom lines."

About, Inc., established in 1999 and headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., is a venture-backed online advertising network featuring advertising solutions for advertisers, search sites, publishers and agencies. myGeek's AdOn Network, featuring both cost-per-view and cost-per-click advertising, is one of the largest site-specific ad networks online. myGeek also provides a suite of ASP solutions and products to companies looking to increase their search revenue and take advantage of the continual growth in online advertising and commerce. For more information, visit










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