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myGeek Unveils New Solutions to Create and Manage Cost-Per-Click Search Accounts

AdOn Direct and AdOn Network Designed to Maximize Revenue Potential

PHOENIX - February 24, 2004 -, a leading provider of cost-per-click solutions, today announced the launch of AdOn Direct and the AdOn Network, two new offerings for today.s paid Internet search community. myGeek conceived and developed these proprietary product offerings to assist clients in maximizing their search revenue.

"Our goal in launching AdOn Direct and the AdOn Network is to provide an entirely new search network paradigm that develops accounts and search traffic at the same time," said Chad Little, chief geek for "Giving clients the ability to create their own accounts, and then networking these clients together, is a radical new approach but one that is a long time coming."

AdOn Direct ( offers search sites, agencies/marketing firms, ad networks and publishers an effective ASP solution for creating and managing their own cost-per-click keyword accounts through a robust and easy-to-use account management system. The solution also allows advertisers to utilize tools such as Traffic Source Selection, Broad Match and Traffic Estimation to help save them time and get the traffic at an affordable price.

"myGeek's AdOn Direct advertiser account management solution saved us from the development time, customer service costs and accounting headaches that we would have dealt with creating our own solution from scratch," said Kevin Marcus, founder of SearchHippo. "They provided a great value for our advertisers and us."

Extending beyond the benefits of the account management system, clients utilizing AdOn Direct are networked together, thereby creating a cooperative of sites that share high-quality traffic and advertiser accounts through the AdOn Network.

The AdOn Network has already grown to 20 million unique users, a testament to the adoption and success of search account approach. In fact, this new approach to the pay search industry has already made a significant impact on clients such as SearchHippo and is focused on creating additional solutions in the near future to help these clients achieve even better results from their advertising accounts.

"myGeek's account management solution has allowed our focus to remain 100 percent on our core business of providing quality search to our users," said Bill Marquez, founder of "Their expertise in account management and creation has allowed for a partnership that benefits us by increasing our revenue and bringing value to our advertisers."

About, Inc., established in 1999 and headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., is a venture-backed provider of cost-per-click search solutions. goal is to provide a growing suite of ASP solutions and products, like AdOn Direct and the AdOn Network, to companies looking to increase their search revenue and take advantage of the continual growth in online advertising and commerce. For more information, visit










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