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Ad Networks Crib Sheet Part 2: myGeek

by Nanette Pietroforte (

March 15, 2006

What are your monthly impressions?
5.5 billion searches per month.

How many unique visitors are there within your network in a given month?
155 million.

How many sites are in your network? 150 network partners.

What kind of targeting do you provide? How is this targeting achieved?
Targeting Methods include:
  • Keyword
  • Site-specific
  • Traffic source
  • Day part
  • Category
Traffic source targeting is achieved via myGeek’s Traffic Source Selection tool. The Traffic Source Selection tool enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns for maximum effectiveness by allowing them to view all of their traffic sources and select the sources based on their effectiveness. When used in conjunction with the ROI Tracking tool, advertisers can select only the traffic sources that have the best conversion rates.

Do you accept all forms of rich media? How about video?
myGeek does not accept rich media advertising at this time.

What is a distinguishing feature of your network? Do you cater to a particular kind of audience or site (e.g., all sports content; the network focuses on moms; the key demographic seems to be Men 18-24)?

myGeek has key differentiators for both advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, the key differentiators are the Traffic Source Selection tool along with the ROI Tracking tool described above.

For publishers, myGeek’s AdOn Direct offers a private label ASP solution for managing paid search advertiser accounts. AdOn Direct’s key differentiator is that it is a cooperative network. Each publisher in the network creates their own advertiser accounts along with displaying advertising from other network partners. This model opens up a new revenue stream for publishers by allowing them to redistribute their advertisers throughout the entire network.

With AdOn Direct, the publishers collectively supply the traffic and the advertisers as opposed to simply being another distribution point for advertiser accounts that they do not control. The benefits of this model include:

  • Increased revenue percentage for ads displayed on their site
  • Publisher can create and manage advertiser accounts
  • Publisher can control who advertises on their site
  • Ad Management platform branded with publisher’s logo
  • myGeek manages customer service issues and credit card processing
  • Publishers can distribute their advertisers throughout myGeek’s network, creating an additional revenue stream
Is there anything else you’d like to say about the network or about the online advertising industry in general (prognosis, needs for change, et cetera)?
As the online advertising industry grows, each individual network has the opportunity to succeed by carving out or creating its own niche. At myGeek we have focused on creating a network that empowers both advertisers and publishers with solutions that provide exceptional control over their campaigns and accounts. By allowing advertisers to select their traffic sources and enabling publishers to create their own advertiser accounts, myGeek’s AdOn Network and AdOn Direct deliver solutions that maximize advertiser’s and publisher’s advertising-related revenues.

What is your website?








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