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AdOn Network Launches Mobile Ads

PV Media Group's Ad Networks Now Offering Mobile Ads, Background Ads, and Expandable Banners

Tempe, AZ - February 4, 2009 - AdOn Network (, part of online powerhouse PV Media Group ( and a leader in providing innovative keyword-targeted advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers, today announced the launch of a new suite of digital ad formats, including the multiple mobile ad formats, innovative background ads and expandable banner ads. These new ad formats allow companies to facilitate additional means of interaction - both online and mobile - between consumers, brands and publishers.


For the first time, clients of AdOn Network can take advantage of the emerging mobile platform to reach their target audience via text and multimedia messaging, mobile banner ads, video and downloadable applications. AdOn Network's mobile advertising platform offers full-service and self-service solutions designed to meet a full spectrum of marketing objectives - both brand and direct-response.

AdOn Network's mobile ad platform features advanced targeting capabilities including:
  • Geo (Country, region, ZIP code)
  • Demographic
  • Daypart
  • Handset (sceen size, resolution, multimedia capabilities)
  • Channels (Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Finance, etc.)
  • Carrier (all carriers and platforms)
"While mobile advertising has been growing steadily in recent years, it has become evident that it is beginning to fulfill its potential as a viable marketing and advertising platform," said Steve Armstrong, CEO of AdOn Network. "With usage trends showing that users are increasingly shifting to the mobile web along with the technology advances in handsets and network speeds, the time is right for AdOn Network to add a robust mobile advertising solution for our advertisers."


AdOn Network has also launched background ads. The background ad unit is an innovative platform that places large-format ads in the unused spaces that surround the content of a website to create a fully integrated presence on a publisher's website. Background ads include scalable distribution, dynamic resolution detection, a sync engine, background ad tag, ad rotation that allows multiple campaigns to be displayed in a refreshable rotation across an entire network of sites, and a fully-featured API that can be integrated into clients' proprietary ad managers.

The background ads are available in the following standard and rich media formats:
  • Tiled: Tiled vertically and horizontally to fill the entire background of the Web page.
  • Pillar: Both the content and the background ad are scrolled simultaneously.
  • Projection: The content can be scrolled while the background ad stays in a fixed position.
  • Brandable Cursor: A 32x32 image replaces the cursor on rollover of the background ad.
  • Flex: Similar to Projection, stretches an SWF file to fill the entire background.
  • Form: Places corresponding SWF background ads on the top, bottom, right and left.
AdOn Network has also added expandable banners to their selection of banner ad formats. When a customer places their mouse over an expandable banner, the ad will expand beyond the borders of its original ad size to display additional information. Expandable ads use a rich-media format which allows advertisers to utilize flash, video and animation to engage and interact with the customer.

All three ad units will also be available to advertisers using Premium Access Media (, a sister company to AdOn Network and part of the PV Media Group family of companies.

In addition to these new ad units, the following are offered by AdOn Network and Premium Access Media:
  • Banner Ads
  • Pop-Under Ads
  • Full-Page Ads
  • Search Listing Ads
About AdOn Network

AdOn Network, founded in 1999, is one of the largest contextual and behavioral advertising networks online, providing innovative solutions to more than 1,000 national and international advertisers and publishers. Based in Phoenix, Az., AdOn Network ranked 72nd on Entrepreneur Magazine's "Hot 500" list of 2007's fastest-growing companies in America. AdOn Network is a PV Media Group ( company.










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