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Targeting Options

AdOn Network offers multiple targeting options for your advertising campaigns including Contextual, Behavioral, Retargeting and Geo-Targeting.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting uses keyword targeting to display your ad when the consumer is searching or browsing for your product or service. As the name implies, your ad targets the context of a consumer's keyword search or a web page that a consumer is looking at.

Say, for example, that you have a travel website and you bid on the keyword "vacation". A consumer either searches on the word "vacation" or visits a web page with the keyword "vacation" in the URL and your ad is displayed. The type of ad displayed depends on the type of campaign you created.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting displays ads based on a consumer's past browsing and search behavior. With behavioral targeting, ads are not displayed based on the context of a consumer's current keyword search or browsing activity. Rather, ads are displayed based on searching and browsing behavior over a period of time.

Using the same example we mentioned for Contextual Targeting, you have a travel website and you bid on the keyword "vacation". On Monday a consumer searches on the word "vacation" or visits a web page with the keyword "vacation" in the URL. Using proprietary tracking methods, our network is aware that this consumer has an interest in the travel category. As a result of their browsing behavior, your travel ad will be displayed to that consumer later that week or month, regardless of what they are searching for or viewing at that time.

Advertiser Retargeting

Advertiser Retargeting offers you the opportunity to communicate to your customers after they have visited your Website. Our tracking technology tracks consumers that have visited your Website. When that consumer returns to another Website on our network, your ad can be displayed to them as a Banner, Pop-Under, Transition or Search Listing ad.

How it Works:

Step 1:
Place tracking pixel on your Website

Step 2:
Consumer visits your Website

Step 3:
Tracking pixel uses cookie to track consumer

Step 4:
Consumer Visits any Website in our network

Step 5:
You ad is displayed


Geo-targeting allows you to select specific countries in which your ads will be displayed. You can create 'Geo Tags' that contain one or more countries that you would like to target and then assign those Geo Tags to your advertising campaigns.

For example, you may wish to target North America and parts of Western Europe for an advertising campaign. You can create a Geo Tag that includes the countries of the US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Once this tag is created you can assign it to one or more of your advertising campaigns so that your ads will only be displayed to consumers in those countries.

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"We like using AdOn Network for their targeting capabilities. The interface is easy to use and continues to improve with new tools and features added regularly. The account managers are extremely helpful assisted in increasing our conversions by more than 40%."

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