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Background Ads

AdOn Network Background ads offer advertisers a way to increase brand awareness and click-through rates on publisher websites using a unique and innovative ad format. Background ads utilize premium unused screen space on a web site to display large format ads for your brand. The ads are clickable, trackable and are 100% cross-browser compatible. There are multiple formats and sizes to choose from to fit your campaign.

Background ads include scalable distribution, dynamic resolution detection, a sync engine, background ad tag, ad rotation that allows multiple campaigns to be displayed in a refreshable rotation across an entire network of sites, and a fully-featured API that can be integrated into clients? proprietary ad managers.

Advertiser Pays

Per-View (CPM/CPV)
- or -
Per-Click (CPC)
Ad Location

Unused space surrounding the content of a publisher's website
Ad Formats

  • Tiled: Tiled vertically and horizontally to fill the entire background of the Web page.
  • Pillar: Both the content and the background ad are scrolled simultaneously.
  • Projection: The content can be scrolled while the background ad stays in a fixed position.
  • Brandable Cursor: A 32x32 image replaces the cursor on rollover of the background ad.
  • Flex: Similar to Projection, stretches an SWF file to fill the entire background.
  • Form: Places corresponding SWF background ads on the top, bottom, right and left.

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