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Pop-Under Ads

AdOn Network Pop-Under Ads combine the keyword-targeting of CPC (Cost-Per-Click) advertising and the cost-effectiveness of CPM (Cost per Thousand) advertising. Pop-Under Ads are available in multiple formats including Landing Page Pop-Unders, Graphic Pop-Unders and Graphic Redirect Pop-Unders.

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Minimum Bid Price

Keyword-Targeted: $.005 ($5.00 CPM)
Run of Network: $.0035 ($3.50 CPM)
Advertiser Pays

Ad Location

New Browser Window
Ad Sizes

  • Full-Page Pop-Under Window
  • 720x300
    Ad Formats
    (Detailed information below)

  • Landing Page
  • Graphic Image (50k max file size)
  • Graphic Redirect

    Pop-Under Ad Formats

    Landing Page Pop-Under

    Landing Page Pop-Unders display your Website or landing page in a full-page browser window. All you need to provide is the URL for your Website or landing. Our technology matches your selected keywords with what the consumer is searching for or viewing and instantly delivers them directly to your Website in a Pop-Under.

    Graphic Image Pop-Under

    Graphic Image Pop-Unders are image-based ads that appear in a Pop-Under window. The ad includes a JPG or GIF image and a click-through URL (URL to the landing page or Website that your ad links to).

    Graphic Redirect Pop-Under

    Graphic Redirect Pop-Unders allow you to display a wide variety of ad formats in a Pop-Under window. You provide JavaScript, HTML, Flash or a similar type of ad code to display an ad that you are hosting.

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