Careers at AdOn Network

Software Test Engineer– Online/Mobile Advertising Network

Location: Tempe, AZ


This opening is for an experienced software test engineer to join our fast-paced software engineering team and be responsible for ensuring the quality, reliability, and scalability of our front-end and back-end software systems.

Required Background

  1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field

  2. At least 3 years professional experience in software testing / quality assurance

  3. Professional experience in software development preferred

Job Duties

  1. Establish test plans to verify accuracy and appropriateness of implemented features and bug fixes.

  2. Perform tests for solution acceptance, regression, performance, and troubleshooting purposes.

  3. Design/implement an automated test framework to monitor for problems, stress test, etc.

  4. Develop custom test tools to investigate reported or suspected problems.

  5. Serve as a quality advocate to identify product weaknesses and improve processes and procedures.

  6. Work closely with all project stakeholders to ensure successful, high-quality software releases.

  7. Work with others on the engineering team to establish and maintain a suitable testing environment.

Desired Skills

  1. Expertise with linux scripting and automation, including standard linux CLI utilities

  2. Expertise with testing methodologies, including load and performance testing

  3. Experience performing risk assessment and prioritizing tests accordingly

  4. Demonstrated ability to understand/solve problems in source code for complex systems

  5. Proficiency writing SQL queries

  6. Comfortable understanding of web technologies (including apache2 webserver, HTML, javascript, and web browser behavior)

  7. Excellent organization skills

  8. Thorough, detail-oriented mindset

  9. Ability to learn quickly and thrive in a fast-paced environment


Competitive salary and bonus based on level of experience.


401(k), 3 weeks of Vacation, training and development, medical, dental, and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, free snacks, drinks, and games.


[email protected]