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What is CPV?
Cost-Per-View (CPV) provides the advertiser with a unique method of promoting their website through a user conducted search of relevant keyword/target terms or phrases on a major search engine (Search Keyword Pop CPV) or through an address bar search (Address Bar CPV). This new and distinctive way to deliver traffic to your site increases value to you, the advertiser, by bypassing a cluttered page of competitor result listings and taking the user directly to your web site featuring exactly what it is they were searching for.
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How long does it take before my account is activated?
Typically 1 - 2 business days from the completion of your registration and submission of campaign, listing and keyword/target information.
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Why is there a 1 - 2 day approval process before my account is active?
After registering and setting up your account, a client service representative reviews your listings and the keywords/URL targets associated with those listing. The goal is to ensure that that your keyword/target information is relevant to the content found on your site. It's also very important to us to ensure that adult related listings do not show up for terms that are inappropriate.
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What are your listing guidelines?
Keywords/URL Targets
1. You may bid on a keyword/target only if the Web site for which it is being bid upon is reasonably related to the products or services on your website.
2. You may bid on a "location only" keyword/target such as 'Florida' or 'Palm Beach' only if your Web site has a reasonable amount of content about that location or information about an attraction, event, or activity that occurs at that location. Locations can be used in conjunction with another word, for example, 'Phoenix golf'.
3. The word 'free' on its' in conjunction with another word can only be used if the visitor can actually get something free at your Web site.
4. The word ‘free’ as well as superlatives (best, cheapest, greatest etc.) may not be used by themselves.
5. Adult sites are allowed, however, only obviously adult-related keywords/target will be accepted. Generic terms may not be used for adult - related sites.
6. Websites promoting the following are strictly prohibited: child pornography; abuse of children, women and animals, hate or intolerance against any race/nationality, violence, and criminal activity.
7. Symbols (!$%#) are not allowed. Keywords/URL Targets can have no more than 1 exclamation point. However, common uses of ampersands are acceptable (Barnes&Noble, etc.).
1. URLs must be functional and lead to an active page. "Under Construction" pages are not considered active pages.
2. You may not disable the 'back button' in the user's browser.
3. The maximum character length for URLs is 200 characters.

Tips for Choosing Keywords/URL Targets & Writing Effective Listings
1. Choosing more generic terms will help drive traffic.
2. You should consider bidding on both the singular and plural versions of keywords/URL targets, for example, 'cleveland grocery store' and 'cleveland grocery stores'.
3. You can include an unlimited number of keywords/URL targets and listings at no charge. The greater the keyword/target coverage that you use, the more success that you are likely to experience.
4. The best landing pages for your account are clear, concise and attractive to users.
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How much does CPV Cost?
In general, the price for Cost-Per-View advertising will be a fraction of what an advertiser would normally pay for CPC. This is because CPV is considered a more general source of traffic than CPC. As a rule of thumb, the minimum pricing range for CPV is $.005-$.03. However, with more popular keywords/URL targets, the minimum pricing may be higher.

How do I get top position for a keyword/target?
Cost-per-view traffic is provided to the top three bidders for each keyword/target. For this reason, it is important to have competitive bid prices. To view your bid prices in comparison to other advertisers with the same keywords/URL targets, we provide a CPV Outbid report. To maintain a top position, it is recommended that you check this report often to make sure you are in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd bidding spot for each keyword/target.
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How many keywords/URL targets can I bid on?
Our clients are not limited to the amount of keywords/URL targets that they may promote their business under but the keywords/URL targets must be relevant to the website.
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Do I need to bid on both the plural and singular form of each keyword/target?
We suggest bidding on both the plural and singular version of each keyword/target.
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How do I contact Customer Support?
Advertisers can contact the AdOn Network via one of the following methods:
e-mail: [email protected]
snail mail: 2375 E Camelback Road, Suite 500, Phoenix, AZ 85016,, Attn: Client Services
Please be sure to include your company's name and e-mail address in all correspondence.
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How long does it take for bid changes to take place?
Once your account has been approved, it can take up to 2 hours before your keyword/target prices changes throughout the entire network.
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What happens if someone views my listing numerous times?
We actively monitor traffic provided to our advertisers, through proprietary automated and manual procedures. Multiple views from the same source will not be counted against your account.
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How does the CPV Keyword/Target System work?
The Keyword/Target System requires that an advertiser register specific keywords/URL targets and place a bid per click associated with each keyword/target. When a consumer enters text containing these keywords/URL targets, an immediate pop-up is delivered. Pop-up (CPV) traffic is determined by bid price, if you are in the top 3 bidders for the keyword/target, your website will be in the rotation when a user searches for that keyword.
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Do you offer ROI Tracking?
ROI tracking and Reporting is available through the account management system to help track your success and conversion with your advertising efforts. Visit the ROI Tracking page to obtain detailed information on how to implement the ROI Tracking pixel on your success page.
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How do I track views from my AdOn Network account?
AdOn Network provides your listings quality traffic and gives you access to millions of AdOn Network consumers every day.

In order to properly track the consumers coming from our network, we recommend that you change the URL that you submit to AdOn Network.

Click on the Edit Your Listings link to change the URL(s) you have submitted to a Tracking URL. This will allow you to more accurately count the amount of traffic you receive from AdOn Network.

There are two different ways to set up your Tracking URLs. Below are a few simple instructions that will allow you to more easily track the traffic you receive from us. After creating your Tracking URL, we highly recommend testing each one to verify that it is linking properly.

Option 1
To change a URL such as to a Tracking URL, add "?source=AdOn Network " to the end. The URL will look like this: Network

Here's another example:
To: Network

If you find that a Tracking URL is not linking properly, you might want to eliminate the forward slash after the domain.

EXAMPLE: Network could also be written as Network.


Option 2
If the URL already has a question mark in it, you will have to add "&source=AdOn Network " to the end

To: Network

If the URL has a # sign, the "?source=AdOn Network " will need to be inserted before the # sign.

To: Network / #jewelry

Once you've converted the URL in your listings to a Tracking URL, you should be able to look for "source=AdOn Network " in your access logs. It should appear once for every clickthrough on one of your AdOn Network search results.
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Who is the AdOn Network?
MyGeek and the AdOn Network manage your AdOn Network Cost-Per-View (CPV) account. Your single AdOn Network account gives you access to a network of top tier search sites and millions of AdOn Network consumers everyday. If you need any assistance in managing your AdOn Network Cost-Per-View (CPV) account, an AdOn Network representative will be happy to assist you.
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How much does it cost to open a AdOn Network advertiser account?
There are no set-up or membership fees. 100% of your funds are used for advertising. A minimum deposit of $50 is all that is required to fund your account.
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If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your account, please contact Client Services.
 phone: 602-265-5242
 e-Mail Client Services
 Live Chat
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