We don’t settle for “tried and true.” At AdOn Network, we’re committed to breaking new ground when it comes to finding effective solutions for our advertisers and publishers. We continue to research, test and create original tools and services to improve our network and push the boundaries of online advertising.

Our experts are constantly working to discover new ways to increase your revenues. Count on innovations like these from AdOn Network to give your business a boost.

Self-Serve Campaign Management
AdOn’s self-serve account management system gives advertisers full access to all tools and reporting, from setting up the account and uploading ads to selecting targeting options to meet your objectives and provide ROI. Real-time reporting gives advertisers the insight they need to manage and optimize their campaigns.

Traffic Source Selection Tool
This tool allows advertisers to actively guard against click-fraud while optimizing their campaigns and improving their return on investment (ROI). It gives them the ability to view the individual ROI of each traffic source and remove the sources with the lowest conversion rates. We integrate this tool into our Traffic Source Report page for a highly intuitive and easy-to-use approach.

AdOn takes malware and click-fraud very seriously. To protect our publishers, we collaborate with third-party services such as Dasient to provide continuous safeguards against malicious and malware within our network.

Traffic Segmentation
The AdOn team works hard to make sure our advertisers receive the appropriate type of traffic. We are continuously segmenting and testing our traffic for quality, performance and metrics from Day One to make sure advertisers get most for their advertisering dollars.

Superior Customer Support
AdOn Network offers something you may not expect from an online ad network: personalized service. While communicating with an actual person may seem “old school,” it’s an innovation in the online advertising industry. We offer superior support because we believe in the value of quality service delivered on a human level.

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