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Step 2: Setup (Optional)*

*If you do not want to create your own accounts, you can skip this step and continue. If you do want to create your own advertiser accounts, complete the information below.

For more information on how AdOn Direct works, view the AdOn Direct demo.

Name selection is critical in regard to branding, text and advertiser communication associated with your AdOn Direct page. The name selected should also appear in the Header Logo you submit below. Our recommendation is to use either your Company name or the name of a web site that you currently own/oversee.

    For example: If your company name is, you may wish to use TotalSearch branding for your AdOn Direct page.
Site Name:

Your URL name is generated based upon the name that you selected above for your site. This URL Name wil be used as the web address to access the system.

    For example: can be placed on your site under a link title of either "Advertise with us" or "List your Site Here".

As an AdOn Direct partner, you have the option of adding a percentage mark-up to the click price generated by your advertiesers throughout the entire AdOn Network.

This Percent Mark-up is automated and once entered into the system it cannot be changed. We recommend not selecting a Percent Mark-up greater than 30% in order to keep prices affordable for your advertisers.

Percent Mark-up: %

Located at the very top of every page in AdOn Direct, this logo should contain the Name of your web site or Company. After submitting logo, click on the "Preview" button to view how the logo will appear.
Header Logo:
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