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AdOn Safeguard

AdOn Safeguard is a key component of AdOn Networks defense against malicious, harmful and inappropriate ads. The AdOn Safeguard service complements AdOn Network?s existing fraud-prevention methods that include both automated and manual detection processes.

The AdOn Safeguard service reviews the contents of ads that are hosted on, or redirect to, external ad servers outside of the AdOn Network environment. AdOn Safeguard can detect Malware (software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system), ActiveX (or other executable software downloads) and Exit Pops (the launch of a secondary ad or browser window when the user leaves a website).

Once a harmful ad is detected, the system automatically shuts down the ad campaign associated with that ad and alerts an AdOn Network account representative. The account representative then begins a thorough investigation into that advertiser?s account to identify the source of the problem and will take appropriate action to remove them from the network.

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