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How It Works

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Reach people who are actively looking online for information about your products and services. Send targeted visitors directly to your site. AdOn Network delivers your website as a separate browser window whenever an Internet user types in the target keywords or URLs you specify. The result: you connect with new customers at the precise moment they're looking for your related products and services.

Internet Users Appreciate AdOn Network's Balanced Approach.

We deliver users to your website once per viewing session to keep our network fresh and your website traffic effective. That means higher quality traffic and greater ROI.

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Cost-Per-View Pricing
Cost-Per-View (CPV) pricing makes its easy to control costs-you pay only when we your website is viewed based on the keywords and URLs you specify. You set the price based on how much you want to pay per view of your site.

Register and create your campaigns in just minutes
Specify the site or sites you'd like us to serve. Select your keywords and URLs. Set your budget. Start seeing results.

You decide where your site appears
You specify the exact keywords and URLs you'd like us to use. Your specified website is displayed only when an Internet user hits your target keywords or URLs.

Online reporting tells you what's working. All changes are free.
You have total control over every aspect of your campaign: log on to www.AdOn Network .com anytime to change your list of target keywords and URLs, create a new campaign, increase or decrease your bids or run detailed traffic reports.

What is CPV?

Cost-Per-View (CPV) is an effective way to deliver your website to potential customers at the moment they are interested in your related product or service. This unique method of driving new business to your site is based on a user's search and browsing activity on the Internet. Our technology matches your selected keywords/URL targets with what the consumer is searching for or viewing and instantly delivers them to your website. The need for a secondary action by the user, such as a click, is eliminated thus making it a much more efficient way to get highly relevant traffic to your website, all at a fraction of the cost. With this pricing structure, you bid on the keywords/URL targets that generate the view of your website. You always control what bid you are willing to pay per keyword or URL target (view). On average, bids range from $0.01-.10. You determine the bid that makes sense, based on your target cost per acquisition. Bids and targets can be adjusted on the fly at any time to perfectly match your needs.

Who is the AdOn Network Audience?

Our audience is a growing network of over 30 million unique users. They receive only the most relevant, non-intrusive ad content based purely on their browsing and searching habits. Because this traffic is so targeted, your message will be presented only to consumers who have a genuine interest in your product at the moment they are most likely to act on it. That's the precision targeting that makes AdOn Network so effective for successful advertisers in every online category.

How are the websites delivered?

Consumers are delivered to your targeted websites in three different ways.

First Method - Search Engine Query
Users perform searched at search sites like Google or Yahoo! The search terms are matched to a keyword combination or URL target within your provided target list, and a new browser window with your website appears. For example, if a user searches Google for "Vegas weddings" and you have the keywords "Vegas weddings" on your target list, your website will be presented in a new browser window.

Second Method-Matching Keywords
The URL string in the address box of a browser window matches keywords and URLs that you bid on. Continuing with the "Vegas weddings" example, anytime someone goes to a competitor's website that uses a combination of your keywords in their URL, i.e., , or, your site will be presented in a new browser window.

Third Method-Matching Categories
Targeted users are delivered to your website by mapping your keywords to a group of URLs related by topic category. By matching categories, you don't miss the opportunity to pop on a competitor's site --, for example -- because users are not using your keywords or search terms.



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