Keyword Tips
  1. You may bid on a keyword/target only if it is reasonably related to the products or services on your website.
  2. You may bid on a "location only" keyword/target such as 'Florida' or 'Palm Beach' only if your website has a reasonable amount of content related to that location. Locations can be used in conjunction with another word, for example, 'Phoenix golf'.
  3. The word 'free' in conjunction with another word can only be used if the visitor can actually get something free at your website.
  4. The word �free� as well as superlatives (best, cheapest, greatest etc.) may not be used by themselves.
  5. Adult sites are allowed, however, only obviously adult-related keywords/target will be accepted. Generic terms may not be used for adult-related sites.
  6. Websites promoting the following are strictly prohibited: child pornography; abuse of children, women, men or animals, hate or intolerance against any race/nationality, violence, and criminal activity.
  7. Symbols (!$%#) are not allowed. Keywords/targets can have no more than 1 exclamation point. However, common uses of ampersands are acceptable (Barnes&Noble;, etc.).
  8. URLs must be functional and lead to an active page. "Under Construction" pages are not considered active pages.
  9. The maximum length for URLs is 200 characters.
  10. Choosing more generic keywords will help drive traffic. Choosing specific keywords should increase your conversion rate. For example, use 'computer monitor' not 'computer' if you sell monitors.
  11. Consider bidding on both the singular and plural versions of keywords. For example, 'cleveland grocery store' and 'cleveland grocery stores'.
  12. You can include an unlimited number of keywords and listings at no charge. The greater the keyword coverage that you use, the more success that you are likely to experience.
How do I get top position/most traffic for a keyword/target?

CPV Campaign
Cost-per-view traffic is provided to the top three bidders for each keyword/target. For this reason, it is important to have competitive bid prices. To view your bid prices in comparison to other advertisers with the same keywords/targets, we provide a CPV Outbid report. To maintain a top position, check this report often to make sure you are in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd bidding spot for each keyword/target.

CPC Campaign
For CPC campaigns, AdOn Network utilizes a bid-for-traffic method. You do not place bids to get the highest position; rather you pay for the maximum amount website traffic that you desire. You can set your own limits within your budget as low as $.05.
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