Campaign Types
There are three types of campaigns; Cost-Per-View (CPV), Cost-Per-View Text (CPVT), and Cost-Per Click (CPC).

CPV advertising allows advertisers to bid on keywords generated by search and Internet traffic throughout the AdOn Network. Keyword matches will trigger a new browser window displaying your website. You are charged each time a consumer views your site.

CPVT advertising offers the advantages of both CPC and CPV. CPVT is keyword-targeted text-based advertising that can be displayed in a variety of locations and formats, such as a banner ad space on a publisher's website. CPVT targeting is based on the contents of each individual page which allows you to be as specific or as broad as you choose to be.

CPC advertising enables advertisers to bid on keyword searches generated on search engine sites in the AdOn Network. CPC advertising generates a list of sponsored listings that appear on a search results page. A listing contains a title, description and a link to your website. You are charged each time a consumer clicks on the link to your website.
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