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About Us
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Our Network

The AdOn Network, powered by myGeek, is the world's largest online cooperative advertising network. Our network is designed to bring advertisers great exposure at a reasonable bid price. With just one account, AdOn Network gives you access to exclusive inventory throughout the entire network of top tier search sites. The AdOn Network delivers quality traffic directly to your website through Search Sites, Toolbar Searches, Address Bar Searches, and CPV (Cost-Per-View) distribution.

CPV (Cost-Per-View)

CPV is an effective way to deliver new visitors to your website by targeting your products and services directly to a consumer when they are most interested and ready to buy. This unique and effective method of driving new visitors to your site is based on a user's search or browsing activity on the Internet, matching the advertiser's selected keywords to what the consumer is searching for or viewing.

Network Features:

  • Quality - Partners in the AdOn Network are in control of their sources of search traffic, no affiliate programs are permitted.
  • Selection - Advertisers benefit from keyword targeting and the unique ability to select their traffic sources, a first in the Internet search industry.
  • Reach - Growing network of over 30 million unique users and 2 billion searches monthly.
  • Value - You set the price for each lead and pay only when a customer reaches your site.

Open your AdOn Network account for as little as $50, with no setup fees. Every dollar you deposit will go towards your campaign. It takes only moments to get your account created, so REGISTER to become an AdOn Advertiser today and open your window of opportunity!

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